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 How to Write an Email? (for Class ten -  twelve English Syllabus) 

What is an Email? 

Email Writing: An email may be a method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over a transmission system. Here we've discussed, what's formal and informal email. The tactic for formal email has been discussed intimately here (step wise). The scholars can see the way to compose a proper email and practice to Write following the tactic and email format given below. Email stands for electronic message. It's the foremost preferred means of communication because it's cheaper and faster.

Click on the following links to see written  email on many items

1.Write an email to your friend expressing your condolence at her / his Father’s death

3.Write an e-mail to your friend giving him some tips telling him the way to remove the global worming

6.Write an e-mail to the editor of Prothom Alo on the difficulty of the indiscriminate cutting of trees.

7.Write an e-mail to the editor of a newspaper regarding the bad conditions of the government hospitals in Dhaka. Write your suggestions for improvement.

8. Write an email to your friend with some tips on how to deal with global warming.
9.  Write an email in about 100 words to the Indian Express editor on the issue of arbitrary registration.
10. Write an email to your principal asking you to take a week off because your grandmother expired last night.
11.  write an email to the company to have it replaced immediately.
12. Sanitary conditions in your area are poor. Write an email to the health inspector for cleaning up the colony
13.  Your friend wants to go to Rajasthan. Write an email with your knowledge about Rajasthan.
14. Write an email to the hotel manager to make the reservation
15. Write an email to your supervisor notifying you of your absence as Jane Doe.
16. Congratulate your younger brother via email for winning first prize in an inter-school debate competition.
17. Write an email inviting members to participate in the cleanup of Central Park and its surroundings.
18. I just passed a school that is now celebrating its birthday. On this occasion, you are invited to receive an award for some of the previous activities. Send an email to the manager to express your regret at not being able to attend the party.
19.As the student representative in your class, write an email to your classmates, suggest a party for class teacher Professor Sunil who is retiring next month. Sign the email on behalf of Sam.
20.Write an email to your relative with tips on how to use the Internet.


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