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Unity is Strength

An old man had three sons who were quarreling with one another. It made the man unhappy. He told them not tn quarreling but failed. At last he hit upon a good plan. He called  his sons  to bring some sticks. Then he tied the all sticks into a bundle and asked them to break it. His sons tried  to break the bundle  one after another . But none of them could break it. Then their father untied the bundle and told each of them to take one stick. Each of the boys took one stick only. Their father told them to break the sticks. In this time they broke the sticks  very easily. After then the farmer told them, “If you live together, any man could not harm you and if you are separate, every body will break you as the single stick”

Grasp All, Lose All

There lived a farmer in a small village He had a beautiful goose. Every morning she laid a golden egg. He sold the golden egg to the market. He became happy. however by this point the person became terribly greedy and hit upon a plan to get all the eggs at a time. He seemed if he cut the goose, he would get all the eggs from the belly at a time. And he will be rich quickly. Therefore he cut its belly with a sharp knife. But there was no egg in it. He was unhappy for this . Finally he understood that over greediness brought misfortune for him

A Thirsty Crow/A Witty Crow/Where There is a Will There is a Way

The day was a hot summer day. A crow was very thirsty. He flew here and there for searching of water. He did not get water anywhere.At last he was flying over a park, he saw a jar with little water in it. The water in the jar was so low that the beak of crow could not  touch it.  It was a  clever crow.It picked up very small pieces of stones and put them in the jar. The level of the water started rising to up. He continued keeping pieces of stones in the jar when he saw that the level of water had risen high up. He drank the water gladly and flew away .
Honesty is The Best Policy/An Honest Woodcutter and The Beautiful Fairy
There lived a jack during a village. in some unspecified time in the future he was cutting wood close to a stream. Suddenly, his axe fell into the stream. The stream was terribly deep. So, he was sitting there sadly. Then a gorgeous fairy appeared before the jack. She asked him during a sweet voice, “Why ar you thus sad?” The jack replied dolefully, “My axe has fallen into the lake. I can’t cut wood currently.” The fairy then showed him associate degree axe product of gold. She asked him if it had been his axe. The jack aforementioned, “It’s not my axe. My axe is created of iron.” Then the fairy showed him the lost axe. The jack then aforementioned jubilantly that it had been his axe. The fairy became very happy and gave him the gold axe too. Then the jack became made and commenced to measure jubilantly.

A Son’s Devotion to His Mother/Bayazid’s Love for His Mother

Bayazid was atiny low boy. His mother was unwell. at some point he was learning by the facet of the bed of his sick mother. All on a explosive his mother wakened, raised her head and told her son to present her a glass of water. Bayazid visited the room to bring water. He found the pitcher empty. He hunted for water here and there, however vainly. Then he set to fetch water from the near  fountain. He took the pitcher and visited the fountain for water. He came back home filling the pitcher to the brim. He poured water into the glass and came to his mother. He found that his mother was sound asleep once more. He failed to wish to disturb his sick mother. He remained standing beside is mother’s bed. His mother awoke within the morning and located her son standing beside her bed. She embraced her son with deep love and prayed to God for her son.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

There were 2 friends. They lived in an exceedingly sure village. They secure that they'd facilitate one another at the time of danger. at some point they were passing through a deep forest. Suddenly a bear came ahead of them. thus each of them were afraid and were at a loss what to try to to. one in all them knew the way to climb a tree. He then climbed a tree and hid himself. the opposite man, finding no different, fell on the bottom and command his breath pretence to be dead. The bear came up to him and smelt his nose, ears and face. Found him a dead man, the bear left the place. once the bear was gone, the opposite friend diminished and aforesaid, “Thank God that you simply area unit saved. But friend, I saw the bear place its mouth terribly on the point of your ear. Did it say something to you?” The friend replied, “Yes, the bear told Pine Tree State to not trust a fan World Health Organization left Pine Tree State I danger to hunt his own safety.”

A Foolish Crow
 Once there was a foolish crow. He was very hungry and looking something to eat. After a long searching he got a piece of bread. It took the piece in its beak. He flew to a big tree nearly. The crow was about to eat it when a fox was coming under the tree.The fox was  hungry. The fox saw the crow holding the piece of bread. The fox wanted to get the bread. It was very cunning. it hit upon a plan to be fool the crow. It said to the crow that it sang very well. It flattered the crow well and asked it to sing a song.The foolish crow was tricked very much. It felt very happy and started singing. When it opened its beak to sing, the piece of bread fell down. The fox  picked up the piece and ran away from there.
The Lion and The Mouse
Once a strong lion was sleeping near a river.When a mouse was searching  food,it crawled over the body of the lion. The lion  was  disturbed at the time of his sleep. The lion woke up and caught the mouse by its paw. He was about to kill the mouse but the mouse begged for forgiveness to him. Lion is a large hearted animal. He took pity on the small mouse  and realized  it. A number of days were passed. The strong lion was caught in the hunters net. He roared and struggled to be free himself. The  little mouse heard the roar. It rushed out its hole quickly. It  recognized that lion. It started to cut ropes of net with its sharp teeth.  The lion became free well. So it is said that kindness  is always rewarded.
Robert Bruce and Spider
Robert  Bruce  was a king of Scotland under the rules of English king. He wanted to free Scotland from English king. He fought many battles but he was defeated many a by his enemy. He fled from the battlefield and hid himself in a cave to save  his life from enemy. He had no more courage to fight another battle with them.The king saw a spider In the cave. The small spider was hanging with a  thin thread.when it is about  to reach its cobweb  it fell to the ground. He tried also again and again to climb up to reach its web and every time it failed to reach   . But the spider did not give up its efforts.  At last, it was succeeded in reaching . He learnt a lesson from the spider. He got his lost courage and he gathered his army once again. He decided to do fight with his enemy.

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