List of the best paragraphs for Exam 2021

Good Food

Food is one amongst the essential wants of kith and kin. we tend to can’t live while not food. however any quite food doesn't serve the aim. we want smart food. It suggests that the correct quite food permanently health. it's diet. it's nutrient. It should contain natural solo stances. These square measure essential for correct growth of our health. although the food is nice however we tend to should not eat an excessive amount of. we've got to eat solely an exact quantity of food that our body wants. we tend to don't would like an equivalent quite food within the same amount. It depends on our growth and natural object.

How to Maintain a Good Health

In order to keep up an honest health, you've got to follow the principles of health. At first, you've got to eat a diet. as a result of one cannot keep match while not consumption a diet. Then, you've got to sleep a sound sleep and take correct rest. For this you've got to avoid mental anxieties. Next, you've got to require work up often. it's essential for all to stay match. After that, you want to use caution concerning the hygiene of food. you ought to avoid unsanitary food or any reasonably stale food. Over consumption causes dyspepsia. thus don’t over eat. Drink lots of clean water. Taking food in time is additionally vital. kind the habit of cleanliness and early rising. you want to hand over any reasonably unhealthy habit or addiction. to stay match mentally, you ought to management your emotions. Avoid tension and invariably watch out of health. ne'er take medication while not consulting a doctor. Finally, the simplest thanks to keep match is to follow the principles of health. It doesn't have any various.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is formed wherever different types of vehicles stand still and can't move for someday. The causes of holdup ar several. The jinrikisha pullers don't maintain rules and rules. The drivers invariably attempt to overtake another vehicle. the quantity of vehicles is way quite the slim roads and streets within the city. The holdup typically happens in cities and cities. Specially, at the turning points and crossing of the roads the holdup happens staggeringly. holdup has become an everyday development in huge cities today. It causes annoying and worrying for the individuals. individuals cannot reach their destination in time. They fail to achieve their offices timely. Students fail to achieve their college punctually then they need to miss their categories. to unravel these issues government ought to take correct steps.

Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh is that the first day of Bangla year. it's a standard pageant day within the lifetime of Bengalis. once a year the day is well known across the country with refoicings. The Chayanat, a number one cultural organization, begins the day’s initial programs at Ramna Batomul in Dhaka. On at the present time individuals together with each males and females wear ancient garments and attend numerous programs to celebrate the year. the most attraction of at the present time is Baishakhi truthful that is control each in rural and concrete areas of the country. totally different socio cultural organizations organize numerous programs like cultural functions, discussion, and colourful processions etc. the govt additionally takes some programs on the occasion. Bangla Desh tv and additionally non-public channels telecast special programs on at the present time. this is often a public vacation. therefore everyone will participate and luxuriate in the programs of the day.

A Tea Stall

A tea stall may be a common sight either during a city or during a village hat. In cities there area unit infinite tea stalls. there's a minimum of one at nearly each corner. Tea has currently become the foremost standard drink. A tea stall opens early within the morning. it's unbroken open until late hours in the dead of night. So, one will have tea any time type morning until time of day. A tea stall may be a place wherever friends will meet as during a club. varied discussions area unit control during a tea stall even concerning the political state of affairs of the country and worldwide. folks argue to determine their opinions. So, it's known as the ‘Mini Sangsad’. For this they have not pay something. A tea stall contains a couple of tables and tools or chairs to take a seat the purchasers. There area unit a couple of cups and plates, Associate in Nursing almirah with glass. within the almirah there area unit totally different varieties of snacks or biscuits or sweetmeats to sell on demand. A well embellished tea stall is of nice service however Associate in Nursing sick embellished one might cause ill-health by spreading diseases. Despite of some demerits, it's conjointly a crucial place for tea thirsty folks and this importance might not be denied.

A Village Fair

A village truthful may be a gathering of the villagers for getting and mercantilism merchandise. It sits on associate open area underneath an outsized tree or beside the margin. it's going to sit either on the bank of a watercourse or a canal. it's usually command within the month of Chaitra or Baishakh. it's a beautiful place for the villagers. Men and ladies of various ages visit the truthful with nice delight. There area unit stalls all over during a village truthful. Some sell sweet-meats, some sell toys, some sell stationary merchandise and a few sell goods. kids get toys, flutes, kites, sweets, etc. Weavers, carpenters and potters come back to the truthful to sell their home-made articles. women come back to the truthful to shop for their necessary utensils. there's no mounted length of a village truthful. it always lasts 2 to seven days. The organizers of the truthful prepare some amusing things like jatra, theatre, circus etc. that fascinate the village folks. therefore a village truthful may be a place of amusement conjointly.

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means that growing additional trees. Trees square measure useful to United States in many ways. they furnish United States food, fruits, wood, materials for creating homes etc. Another quite facilitate they supply. we will not see it however we will feel it solely and while not it we will not live. Trees turn out element. element is incredibly a lot of essential for the living beings. Trees absorb carbon-di-oxide. Carbon-di-oxide is chargeable for the inexperienced House result. World’s temperature is increasing because of this gas. So, trees square measure our nice friend. we will not consider earth while not trees. however we tend to square measure reducing these trees indiscriminately. during this approach a rustic becomes desert. To avoid a serious destruction and to avoid wasting the planet we must always grow additional trees because it protects the setting from being contaminated. If we tend to plant additional trees, they'll keep the setting clean and save our world type a serious destruction.

Necessity of Learning English

English is a world language. it's the vernacular language in most developing countries. it's used as first language in European country, Australia and also the USA. it's the second language in most the countries throughout the planet. English is important for higher studies in any subject. Books for higher studies area unit out there solely in English. a decent command of English is extremely necessary in trendy time to stay pace with dynamic world. Besides, if we've decent data of English, we are able to get a bright future with smart job. If somebody needs to be a self-equipped person then he or she should have a decent data of English. thus there's no scope to step ahead while not data of English.

My School Magazine

A school magazine may be a journal printed monthly or annually ruled by the authority of a faculty. we've got a magazine in our college. it's printed annually. It contains articles of various varieties written by the scholars yet as by the lecturers. A magazine committee is created for the sleek publication of the magazine. The head of our college is that the chief patron. A senior teacher is that the adviser of it. The interested participants ar asked to submit their writing and among them the choice is completed by the committee. Then the articles ar completely checked by the authority to permit them to publish. college magazine is clearly terribly vital to stay the talent of the scholars alive through creating them curious to write down for it. By the united efforts of the lecturers and students a stunning magazine enriched with data comes out for the scholars and that they feel extremely terribly joyous by having it in their hand.

Environment Pollution

Environment suggests that the encompassing people with reference to everything like air, water, land, trees and alternative natural forces. the environment is being contaminated by numerous varieties of pollution like water, air and pollution. we all know air is a very important component of the environment and it's contaminated by smoke and completely different varieties of toxic gases. Water is contaminated by throwing waste, chemical plant food. Sound is contaminated once it's used on the far side its capable power. Man makes fires to cook food, create bricks and do several alternative things. Fires produce smoke and soil the air. Mills and factories conjointly throw their toxic chemicals and waste merchandise into rivers and so soil the water. Environmental pollution is injurious as a result of it affects human lives and therefore the world terribly hazardously. so as to stay the environment free morpheme pollution we've to require some effective steps. we've to prevent scaling down the trees. we must always keep the water clean. So, all people ought to move to forestall every kind of pollution to confirm a healthier and happier life for all.

A Science Fair

A science honest is associate exhibition or show of instrument. Las week our college authority organized a science honest and it absolutely was control our college premises. i used to be merely charmed what I saw within the honest. Some college displayed overhand model of ships, motorcars, trains, radio and pc etc. however I liked most the magnifier, the most affordable paddy thresher and therefore the device lightweight. Dhaka Govt. Boys college had shown this project. Their project was extremely praise worthy. totally different college joined the honest and their participation created the honest a lot of outstanding and gratifying. our college go third prize and it absolutely was a bug. I spent concerning 3 hours visiting the honest and tough several new things. I left the honest with a mixed feeling of joy and surprise.

My Daily Routine

I am a student of sophistication eight and that i perpetually try and follow my daily routine. i purchase up early within the morning, brush my teeth, wash my face and hands and say my Fajar prayer. Then i'm going out for a walk. After that, I come home and seat to browse. I examine 2 hours. Then I take my tub and take my breakfast. I wear my college uniform and star for college at regarding ten am. our college starts at 10:30 am. I sit perpetually on the primary bench and hear my academics paying attention. At lunch amount, I say my Zohar prayer and take my lunch. our college breaks up at 4:30 pm. I come home and take my lunch. Then I take some rest and visit field to hitch with my friends. I play with them for a few time and within the evening I come my home. Then I say my evensong and at the moment, I do my schoolwork. I say my Esha prayer and take my supper. Usually, i'm going to bed at regarding eleven pm. On vacation my routine changes a small amount.

A Moonlit Night

A moony night is night once the moon shines bright. Such an evening is actually charming and pleasant. It presents a desirable sight. Its exciting beauty soothes our eyes. the entire nature wears a shocking look. The water of the rivers, ponds and tanks smiles once the silvery lightweight of the moon falls on them. On a moony night the moon seems like a disc of gold. The moon plays hide and get behind the clouds. Twinkling stars encompassing the moon create the sky a fairy land. folks of all ages get pleasure from a moony night. Boys and ladies create merriment. The young and previous pass some hours by gossipmongering and telling stories. Poets and artists notice themes of their work. Lower animals additionally don't sit lazily. Birds begin of their nests. The animals wander here and there. in truth a moony night may be a night of beauty and joy.

A Picnic

A picnic is often pleasant. It removes the monotony of our routine work. Recently I actually have enjoyed a picnic. it had been organized on the occasion of our winter vacation. The venue was Madhupur Garh. Our lecturers elect the spot as a result of it's an area of historical interest. we tend to were forty in numbers. 2 of our lecturers attended U.S.. we tend to began our journey at eight am by bus. we tend to enjoyed the bus journey substantially. we tend to herbaceous plant song and created tons of fun all the approach. we tend to reached there at eleven am. once reaching there, we tend to took some light-weight refreshment. Then we tend to started our change of state. we tend to took all the change of state arrangements with U.S.. 10 people took half in change of state. we tend to created 3 holes on the bottom. we tend to used them as ‘chula’. we tend to used fuel. As fuel it took U.S. 2 hours to cook food. Then we tend to Greek deity to our hearts’ content. After that, we tend to visited the realm in teams. we tend to enjoyed natural beauty there. 2 of our friends vie stringed instrument and flute. we tend to additionally herbaceous plant songs. At regarding five pm we tend to started our come journey. I enjoyed the picnic greatly.

A Village Market

A village market could be a place typically stands at associate open place and therefore the place has road-links with the most road wherever the villagers meet, obtain and sell their daily product. it's a brief center for purchasing and commercialism product for the villagers. Generally, it sits each morning and breaks at midday. Again, village market is also either daily or weekly and therefore the massive markets sit once or doubly per week. the foremost putting feature of a Village market could be a massive crowd and noise. The sellers shout their loudest to draw in customers and therefore the consumers quarrel over quality and amount and value with equal vigor. but the villagers meet on a typical platform forgetting their various positions in life. Assembly of all categories of individuals at a typical place presents a delightful scene to our eyes. a spread of articles square measure placed on sale within the market. Carts and Lorries bring recent vegetables, fish, meat, ceramic ware, agricultural tools and room utensils from foreign places. it's to be noted that a village market shows the simplicity of the villagers. it's the most effective study of the character and customary of a village. Village markets square measure vital in rural areas. The villagers cannot do while not it. however markets square measure unclean, nasty and unsanitary . Their condition ought to be improved.

Summer Vacation

The summer vacation for college/school students could be a long break from school throughout the recent months of could and Gregorian calendar month, that will last something between a month and a [*fr1] and 2. The temperatures bit forty degrees uranologist and a lot of in virtually the entire of Bangladesh, and colleges provide their students an extended summer vacation. Last summer I planned my programme in such a fashion on acquire most profit. I took permission of my father to go to geographic region at the side of my friend. each people got berths reserved within the Jammu Mail a lot of earlier to avoid frustration. Reaching Jammu we have a tendency to got into a bus for Srinangar. we have a tendency to employed a shikara for our keep there. The climate was terribly bracing. we have a tendency to felt as if we have a tendency to were in heaven. we have a tendency to relaxed there absolutely. i used to be weak in English, thus I had taken a learner book with ME. I accustomed study descriptive linguistics in my time off. I additionally learnt horse riding and sport there. we have a tendency to accustomed have many fruits when meals. i actually enjoyed my summer vacation at an excellent extent.


Hygiene could be a set of practices performed to preserve health. per the globe Health Organization (WHO), "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that facilitate to keep up health and forestall the unfold of diseases." It includes such personal habit decisions as however often to wash, wash hands, trim fingernails, and alter vesture. Moreover , it additionally includes attention to keeping surfaces within the home and work, as well as toilet facilities, clean and pathogen-free. Cleanliness plays a vital role to keep healthiness. Dirt contains germs that move with the dirt within the air and spreads diseases. we should always bathtub frequently after you come home from playground or faculty. a daily bathtub could be a smart habit; it keeps our body clean and recent. we should always wash our hands before and once food. we should always additionally brush two occasions daily, to use a tongue cleaner to scrub your tongue. Street foods style nice however we want to avoid these as dirt usually gets mixed with street foods. to own a decent psychological or psychological state one ought to attempt meditation, yoga. It helps USA to hospital ward and cleanse our body that assist you to own a decent abdomen and additionally keeps away the Depression and stress. If we have a tendency to follow the on top of rules of hygiene properly, we'll be ready to lead a healthy and happy life. Otherwise we've got to suffer from varied diseases. So to say, as a careful and clean person everybody ought to follow the principles of hygiene to stay him/her acceptable work for all the time.

Reading Newspaper

The paper, which brings news and views of home and abroad to us daily is called newspaper. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. In our country the newspapers have the liberty to publish their opinions to the public. There are different types of newspapers in our country like dailies, weeklies, monthlies etc. After getting up from our bed early in the morning ,we read newspaper as first activity . Because newspaper is one of the greatest sources of pleasure and knowledge. There are political news, sports news, business affairs, international affairs, and students’ column in it. Newspapers publish news and views of different parties, countries and societies. So a newspaper represents a complete global society. I read the daily newspaper with attention. In it I particularly find interest to have many textual and out of textual items. But in our society some of the newspapers have the habit of political supporting. Sometimes they write columns in supporting their special parties. Sometimes people are confused because of false news. So misunderstanding takes place and many unexpected incidents happen. So the reporters and the people concerned should be aware of their noble responsibility.

Morning Walk

Morning walk is a kind of exercise. It costs nothing but benefits much. People of all ages go out morning walk. People usually go out morning walk at dawn. People generally prefer an open place as parks, open fields ,road-sides for morning walk. It is sure that morning is the best time for this. Walkers usually wear loose dresses like trousers. They also wear kades for easy walk. Among the morning walkers, the diabetic patients are the most common. It is helpful for them to control diabetes. Morning walk keeps our body fit. In the morning the air is fresh and nature remains calm. It also cures many diseases. That’s why doctors advise people of all ages to work in the morning. Morning walk needs no means or costs.For Keeping body fit and free from diseases it helps us very much.

A Winter Morning

Winter is one of the six seasons in our country. It is the coldest season of the year. A morning in winter is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Things even at a small distance can hardly be seen. Everything looks hazy. This causes disruption to the communication system. Dew drops fall at night. Sometimes shivering cold spell causes serious sufferings to animals. It causes much suffering to the children also. The people of village gather straw and dry leaves to make fire to warm them. The old and the children bask in the sun. Usually people get up late. In a winter morning people in Bangladesh enjoy different kinds of ‘pithas’. Delicious sweetmeats are also prepared with date juice. But a winter morning is not good for the poor. They suffer much for want of warm clothes. The sight of a winter morning disappears as the day advances. A winter morning is pleasant for somebody and unpleasant for the other.

My Daily Routine

I am a student of class eight and I always try to follow my daily routine. I get up early in the morning, brush my teeth, wash my face and hands and say my Fajar prayer. Then I go out for a walk. After that, I return home and seat to read. I read about two hours. Then I take my bath and take my breakfast. I wear my school uniform and star for school at about 10 am. Our school starts at 10:30 am. I sit always on the first bench and listen to my teachers attentively. At tiffin period, I say my Zohar prayer and take my tiffin. Our school breaks up at 4:30 pm. I return home and take my lunch. Then I take some rest and go to field to join with my friends. I play with them for some time and in the evening I return my home. Then I say my evening prayer and after that, I do my homework. I say my Esha prayer and take my supper. Usually, I go to bed at about 11 pm. On holiday my routine changes a bit.

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